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Financial Latte -- I Want to Sell my Business I Want to Sell my Business

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Overview of this Installment - I Want to Sell my Business

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'I Want To Sell My Business' is another installment in the 'Financial Latte' series and is written by Joseph E Poff, CPA, a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with lots of information and insights to share from his 30+ years of financial and business experience.

This book covers in about a half hour some of the key concepts to consider when selling your business.

From Joe's experience, business owners often arrive at the day of selling their business somewhat by surprise and often unprepared .

Joe explains some of the primary considerations in selling your business including the beginning thoughts of a sale (hopefully long in advance) , the planning for the sale, who do you sell to, how will they pay for it as well as what happens after the sale of your business.

In a nice, easy to understand format, Joe goes over some of the key points of each part of the process including a sale to an employee, an individual, another business or a public company. He also discusses the emotional aspects of a sale. Understanding these areas can help you maximize the amount you ultimately receive from the sale of your business.

Have a 'Financial Latte" with Joe and have him shed some light on various aspects of selling your business and then see if you say 'I Want To Sell My Business'.

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